Developing Talent

Researchers have discovered that very few well-known musicians showed signs of greatness in their early years.  Musical talent is something that is developed with practice and hard work.  As the saying goes, “If you practice, you will like music lessons,” not “if I like music lessons, I will practice.” 

The goal of the Suzuki method is not necessarily to produce great artists but to help every child to find the joy that comes through music making.  Through the Suzuki growing process, children thrive in a total environment of support.  They develop self-confidence, self-esteem, determination to try difficult things, self-discipline, and concentration.  The Suzuki method develops the whole child while unfolding his/her natural musical abilities. 

“A child is born with a particular level of music aptitude.  That level changes in accordance with the quality of the child’s formal and informal music environment from the moment of birth until the child is about 9.  Thus, neither nature or nurture is solely responsible for the child’s level of music aptitude.  A person’s potential to achieve in music remains throughout life what it was at 9 years old.

                          — Dr. Edwin Gordon, Ph.D., Educator/Researcher


“The magic of singing songs is that it is the most effective way of heightening children’s mental abilities.  Children memorize songs so easily and this helps to enrich their vocabulary and in turn to elevate their powers of understanding.”

                          — Toro Kumon, Japanese Mathematician


“There is no born genius;

             education is the way to develop ability.”


“Parents who have smiling faces have children

             who have smiling faces.”


“Great music develops and educates

             high sensitivity in everyone.”

                                       — Dr. Suzuki